HA3 Peligroso and Wraith by Abt Nihil

Peligroso and Wraith

Wraith is the demon that has allied himself with the biker Peligroso, and uses him as a means of "Possession" ( The term here is used very loosely, being that Peligroso controls the functions of his body and retains his mind, but Wraith is within his body).

Personality Edit

Wraith is a very unpredictable character, sometimes he can be funny, and comical and sometimes downright pervy if he feels like it...other times he can be calm, calculating, and sometimes a real hellfiend!!!

Powers Edit

His demonic powers are limited being that he is using Peligroso's body, but he can sense demonic energy, knows various types of supernatural weapons and items, he can see into the souls of humans to find out if they are pure or tainted with demonic energy of their own sin, and he can be invisible to normal humans (the exceptions being Psychics, Demi-gods or gods, and those with either Light or Dark magic aspects I.E. Angels or another demonicly possessed person.

History Edit

Not much is known about his past, such as how he was imprisoned in the abyss, or how he needed Peligroso's body to release him, as a true demon, he won't spill the beans on anything...course anything he does say has to be taken carefully, as demons can be liars.

Appearance Edit

Heroes Alliance 3 where it was implied that he was groping Bombshell. Wraith has also appeared in the April 2012 Heroes Alliance Monthly Mayhem challenge.

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