Weaver with SHELL in the background - Fukujinzuke

Weaver with SHELL in the background. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Weaver is a locally-based Vietnamese superhero who was a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative.


When the supervillainess Venom Mist was sighted in Vietnam, Heroes Unite dispatched Weaver to capture her. SHELL also was pursuing Venom Mist on a personal vendetta, as Venom Mist was responsible for the death of his wife and child.

When SHELL attempted to murder Venom Mist, Weaver stopped him, telling him that Venom Mist was "not someone worth crossing that line for". She then took Venom Mist into custody. Weaver kept SHELL's weak moment to herself and never reported it to HU Command.

It was later revealed that Weaver's energy threads are the Threads of Fate. Weaver fled with them to keep them out of the hands of Kreed the Corruptor. She was able to use her threads to restrain and harm Kreed sufficiently for her combined efforts with SHELL to defeat and kill him.


Weaver using energy threads on SHELL - Fukujinzuke

Weaver using her energy threads on SHELL. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Weaver has the ability to create glowing energy threads with which she can entangle and bind a foe.


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