Venom Mist pursuing Shell - Fukujinzuke

Venom Mist pursuing SHELL. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Venom Mist (Vanessa Hayes) is a supervillain mercenary.


Venom Mist battled and defeated the rookie superhero Goliath. "Collateral damage" from this battle included the wife and child of Masao Kimura who channelled his grief and determination into becoming the hero known as SHELL.

It was later revealed that Venom Mist had been working for Shuten Doji at the time of her battle with Goliath. Shuten Doji mistakenly believed a party of collectors had a set of volucite samurai armour that he desired (it was actually in Kimura's possession) and dispatched Venom Mist to obtain it from them.

After these events, Venom Mist retired a wealthy woman but Kreed the Corruptor forced her into service as one of his thralls. It was in this state that SHELL finally confronted and captured her. SHELL attempted to murder her in vengeance for his family, but this attempt was thwarted by Weaver who took Venom Mist into custody.


Venom Mist has the ability to transform partially or wholely into a toxic mist. In this form she has complete control over the dispersed toxic gas of her body and can fly at incredible speeds comparable to those of SHELL's battlesuit.