H-Bomb and Timesweep

H-Bomb (left) and Timesweep (right) during the Energize: Hunted story arc. Art by Nepath

Timesweep is a hero and a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative.


In the future when Earth is ruled by Stormfront, Timesweep's quantum powers will be used to create a time machine that is used to send Titan back to the present day. A future version of Amped was sent back in time to meet Titan and to prepare both Titan and the young man who would become Timesweep to oppose Stormfront.

To maintain a comparatively low profile, Timesweep and Titan deliberately avoided Heroes Unite in its formative days, only joining once they were two heroes amongst many. It bugs Timesweep that he doesn't know whether he would have chosen the hero name "Timesweep" if Amped hadn't told him that he would.

Timesweep was one of many Heroes Unite heroes to confront Energize during the Energize: Hunted story arc.


Timesweep and LEGEND attacking Energize

Timesweep using his time control powers. to slow down Energize. Art by Nepath.

Timesweep has time manipulation powers. He has been shown using his time control abilities to temporarily slow down Energize. In the future his powers will power a time machine built by Amped and used to send both Amped and Titan back in time approximately 40-50 years to the present day.