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The Oracle. Art by Nepath.

The Oracle is an alien satellite from the planet Evos IV responsible for the creation of the hero Energize.


The Oracle was empowered by The Highborn and tasked with recovering Prince Quinn of Evos who had been beamed into space. It was successfully in its mission to recover Prince Quinn but the beam was so degraded that Prince Quinn would not have survived the return trip to Evos.

In desperation, the Oracle attempted to preserve the Prince by downloading him into a suitable host body - Michael Callahan. The Oracle planned to expunge Michael's personality when the transfer was complete but was struck by lightning in the middle of the transfer. This resulted in the hero known as Energize - the combination of Prince Quinn and Michael Callahan gifted with incredible power.

The crashed Oracle was recovered by Flint Chegwin who used it to influence Energize's powers and merged with The Oracle.

The merged Chegwin/Oracle was defeated by Energize and The Oracle was destroyed.


Despite being repeatedly described as a "satellite", the Oracle was capable of faster-than-light interstellar flight. It appeared to be almost limitless in power, though its abilities were dwarfed by that of the Energize entity.


Energize (Story Arc)