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Cover of The Heroes Unite: Aftermath #1. Art by Nepath.

The Heroes Unite: Aftermath is a storyline in the Heroes Unite series. It follows the dissolution of the Heroes Unite Initiative.

Note: This story arc was cancelled after one issue in Heroes Unite and has been relaunched as the series The New Guard.


This story is being shown somewhat out of synch with other series. Energize: Hunted precedes the events of The Heroes Unite: Aftermath. The Heroes Alliance storyline "Heroes Divided" goes into the role of the Heroes Alliance team during the fall of the Heroes Unite Initiative. Apparently New Rossco City (home of Energize) will be left in ruins sometime during these storylines.


The Heroes Unite: Aftermath features a much smaller, core hero team than the massive roster held by the Heroes Unite Initiative. The team are trying to defeat Hell and his army and rescue New Rossco City's surviving citizens.

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