The Blonde Marvel is a voluptuous superhero character by Darrell San.
Blonde Marvel

The Blonde Marvel confronting Archangel. The Blonde Marvel is created by Darellsan. Art by LegacyHero.


Angela Zaftig gained her powers accidentally when trying to get the autograph of her son's favourite superhero: Commander Marvel. When a villain tried to steal Commander Marvel's powers, Angela intervened and was accidentally absorbed his powers herself! After defeating the villain and saving the Commander, Angela became a hero in her own right: The Blonde Marvel!

The Blonde Marvel met SHELL in Tokyo and they worked together to defeat a power-draining robot enemy. This encounter was the beginning of a major change in SHELL's attitudes. Seeing her family made SHELL realise that powered invidividuals weren't merely a menace to ordinary human beings, they were also people with families. This softening of his stance was a major contributer to his later joining the Heroes Unite Initiative.

The Blonde Marvel was one of the members of the Heroes Unite Initiative who attempted to apprehend Archangel when he went rogue in Heroes Unite: Fury.  She fought Archangel to a standstill but was rendered unconscious by Fury .


Superhuman strength, superhuman toughness (bullets bounce off her) and flight.

There is also a scrambling device built into her uniform that causes people to forget what she looks like, allowing her to appear in public without a mask without compromising her private identity.


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