The Baku (Isaac Sano) is a magically-powered villain and head of the criminal Yamada clan in Japan.
Baku confronts SHELL

The Baku (facing front) confronts SHELL. The Baku is created by Ironhand. SHELL is created by Fukujinzuke. Art by cdmalcolm.


The Baku killed his father and seized leadership of the criminal Yamada clan.  Six months later Heroes Unite captured and arrested him for his criminal activities.

Sano escaped incarceration and returned to Japan to consolidate his power by uniting his own Yamada clan with Yuki Matsumuro's Bakuto clan.  When Heroes Alliance became aware of his plans they turned to the Bujin for his expertise and asked him to infiltrate the Baku's headquarters.  Meanwhile the Baku seized control of the Bakuto clan through force.

The Bujin was discovered and captured by The Baku but successfully summoned Heroes Alliance who confronted The Baku and his sizable army of ninja from the united Yamada and Bakutu clans.  The Baku was defeated and taken into custody by the Alliance, particularly Amalgam on his first major mission with the team.


The Baku is super-strong, near-invulnerable and able to fly.  He
The Baku's power

The effects of the Baku's power as perceived by the Bujin. Art by Hero.

also posesses a low-level telepathy.

Combined with training and dark magics he is able to use his telepathy to bring up the darkest part of anybody and to enhance their fears and nightmares.


Heroes Alliance #8: Shinobi (external link to comic )

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