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Origin of The Ancient. Art by Abt_Nihil.

Rex Octavius, The Ancient, is a villain from Heroes Alliance. Once a warrior from ancient Rome, Octavius was gifted with immortality by Mars, the Roman God of War as a reward for his military prowess and his promise to bring him war upon war forevermore.[1]


Over time the Ancient grew bored with combat between ordinary men. So, assisted by villains Change and Anarch he planted a series of bombs to attract superheroes, then used teleport technology to abduct them to fight in the arena for his entertainment. He successfully captured Relik, SHELL, Azumorph, Bombshell, Comet Kid, Titan, Vora Princess of the Skies and Virtus.

The heroes promptly escaped and managed to capture Anarch although both the Ancient and Change escaped.


The Ancient is immortal. Whether this implies invulnerability as well as longevity has yet to be demonstrated.



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