Tazer - The Heroes Unite (Aftermath) - by Nepath

Tazer in his current look from The Heroes Unite: Aftermath. Art by Nepath.

Tazer is a character created by Spudsy. He was a founding member of what would become the Heroes Unite Initiative.


Tazer original sketch

Only the second Picture i ever drew of TAZER

Guy Austin was born a meta human from normal parents in 1973, he lived a normal life until he reached the age of 16 when developed two distinct abilities. He could convert his body into electrical energy and he was able to absorb and manipulate nearly all forms of energy.

He took the name Tazer and decided to try and be a hero. This gained the attention of the most prominent hero of the time, Exocet. Exocet decided to take Tazer under his wing and he became the legends sidekick for almost 10 years before eventually going solo.

Heroes UniteEdit

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Tazer as he appeared in his first appearance in Heroes Unite. Art by Nepath.

Tazer was one of the 5 heroes that responded to the alien threat known as Deuce and thus was one of the founding members of the HU Initiative. He has remained a core member of the initiative to the present day, taking part in Heroes Unite: Darkness Within and Energize: Hunted.

Energize: HuntedEdit

When the HU were placed in charge of apprehending of Energize, Tazer was not convinced of his guilt. As the hunt intensified and the HU Commander ordered the use of the Black Dawn device, Tazer registered his objections.

Once Nemesis defeated Energize and took him into custody, Tazer and Excoet decided it was time to intervene. Most recently, they were approached by Col. Frank Lawler who assumed the position of HU Commander and instructed Tazer to lead a strike force against the former Commander and her team.

Tazer faced down the Commander and defeated her, afterwhich she broke down and admitted to all her failures. He hands the former Commander into the custody of Bombshell and then joins Energize in the final showdown against Nemesis.

The New GuardEdit

Following the events of Energize: Hunted, Tazer puts together a new team called "The New Guard". 

Energize: BlackEdit

Following his time with the New Guard, Tazer retires from active duty, settling down in New York. Kaila (aka Titan) contacts him about a mission to travel to the Sun. It is losing power for an unknown reason, and she wants him to investigate for her.