Stormfront is a villain in the upcoming Energize: Stormfront story arc.

Stormfront and Titan

Stormfront (behind) and Titan (in front)


Future HistoryEdit

Stormfront is a villain who will scorch the Earth. Earth's greatest hero will die in conflict with Stormfront, and he will unite Earth's villains to hunt down and destroy its heroes.

As Stormfront attacked the refuge of the last few remaining heroes, they executed a desperate plan to send Titan back in time to the present day in order to prevent Stormfront's rise.

This attempt was successful but feedback from Titan's powers caused a massive explosion which destroyed the heroes' refuge. It is unknown whether Stormfront was destroyed in this explosion.

Present HistoryEdit

Stormfront's origin was revealed in the Energize: Hunted storyline. Stormfront was the being who resulted from Nemesis using his ability to become the perfect foe upon Energize. In the original timeline, this resulted in him stealing the supremely powerful Energize Entity from its human host, Michael Callahan.

In the current timeline, Titan was able to expose both Nemesis and Energize to the Black Dawn before Nemesis could steal his powers. This resulted in the death of Michael Callahan and the complete loss of Nemesis's powers and prevented the Stormfront timeline from coming to be.


As the new host to the Energize entity, Stormfront's power is essentially limitless.