History Edit

Smiley heromachine reference art

Smiley was originally a man named Harold Smiles, a notorious serial killer whose M.O. was to leave "smiles" on his carved up victims faces, it was also implied during his trial that he was a cannibal as several victims hearts were eaten. During the trial, Harold was seen with a huge smile on his face when they would talk about his murders, and would laugh insanely at the worst moments, the Judge sentenced him to death, and while he was placed in on the lethal injection table, a white light enveloped the room and Harold began to change, his skin turned yellow, his teeth became jagged and almost monstrous, his finger bones busted out of his flesh and became claws, and his already deranged mind became completely eroded , he escaped his binds and escaped the prison, now he seeks to continue his "fun" and give the world a Huge Smile!!


Agile and speedy, slight health regeneration, claws are super sharp and can cut through almost anything.

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