Roof Rat

Roof Rat as depicted by Byth1

Roof Rat (Or Michael 'Mikey' Grant) is a 15 year old hero in the Huniverse created by Byth1. He has super human senses, peak strength and agility, can heal from wounds quickly, and has studied in the art of "Brutal Fu"


Michael Grant was found by Brutal Fu creator and master Zhan, living in a trash can in China. Zhan moved to New Carolina taking Michael with him and taught him his fighting style. Michael (or Mikey as he was now known) lived a relatively normal life until one day when his best friend was brutally murdered by a supervillian gang called "The Immortals". Armed with his own abilities and knowledge of Brutal Fu, Mikey set out to bring vengence to the gang which took his friend's life.


Roof Rat has superhuman senses, peak strength and agility, and the ability to heal from most wounds fairly quickly. On top of this he was taught a very unique form of martial arts called Brutal Fu from founder and master Zhan.


  • Zhan


Heroes Alliance #6: Heroes Divided

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