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Relik by Oscar Scadilla

Relik is a superhero created by SympleSymon. He was a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative, prior to the events of Energize: Hunted .


Actor Brad Stone was star of a series of movies about the 1920s hero Power Patriot. But just acting the hero never felt like enough.

One day he found a belt and a note stating simply "Wear the belt". Believing it part of his movie costume, he put it on. It instantly transformed into the technologically advanced Relik exo-armour.

Though Brad's initial attempts at heroics were clumsy he gained greater control over time, enough to defend himself from attack by the alien Graxis Mercenaries.

During his attempt to discover the origin of an army of mysterious techno-ninjas, Relik discovered his true origins. Previously Major Darke in the military of the planet Ranos , he had pursued Professor Ztranx, Ranosian mass-murder and creator of the Relik technology to Earth to stand justice. Unfortunately his ship sabotaged, he crashed and was captured and brainwashed by Professor Ztranx. Ztranx reintroduced Brad to the Relik technology intending to frame him for his own crimes. The plot backfired as Relik, with the aid of the Graxis Mercenaries confronted and defeated Professor Ztranx.

From his shaky beginnings, Relik had risen to a rank of authority in Heroes Unite by the time Energize: Hunted.


Relik's combat suit is hyper-advanced even by the standards of Ranos, itself a peacekeeping superpower. It empowers the wearer with superhuman resilience, advanced scanners, enhanced strength, flight and energy blasts. A single Relik suit was able to destroy an entire Ranosian city and survive for a brief period exposed to the ignition thrusters of a Graxis starship.


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