Psychodelic II Heromachine reference art


Abraham Leos was an orphan who lived on the rough streets of Royale City; he was running with a gang named the "6th street Killaz" who decided to attempt to rob a gas station; they were defeated by the original Psychodelic. As the other thugs ran off; leaving Abraham to fend for himself against Psychodelic, the original discovered that Abraham had potential and let him decide : Go to jail for this crime, or to drop the gang and become his sidekick and heir . Abraham took the second option and became the sidekick of the original.

It was there he found out that the Original was Maverick Johnson who was a famous lawyer who worked to fight against the gangs and drugs being shipped into this side of the city.

When Leo was 15 years old, his mentor was killed in a carbomb; as retaliation for trying to uncover the corrupt dealings of the mayor. Leo decided that he should take up the mantle of his mentor and became the second Psychodelic.


He is an expert in a style known as "Funk Fu" a mixture of Caporeia and various Kung Fu styles, he is good at pickpocketing and lockpicking due to his time as a criminal.

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