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Proxy. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Andrea Mitchum, Proxy is a superhero and member of the Heroes Unite Initiative. The character of Proxy was created by LegacyHero.


After running away from a strict religious home, Andrea found herself on the streets of Combat city. She survived by stealing wallets and purses then assuming the identity of the true owners of the credit cards and cheques she acquired.

When she made contact with the shape-shifting villainess, Mimic, her own mutant ability was enhanced.

She became a member of the Renegades (a group of super-powered teenage street kids living in Combat City), and later of the Heroes Unite Initiative.


Proxy duplicates Clair Dupoir's powers - by Fukujinzuke

Proxy duplicates Clair Dupoir's powers. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Proxy has the ability to temporarily duplicate both the appearance and powers of another character. When she has "proxied" another character, her appearance always retains a distinctive element of purple to it.