Plot Twist

Plot Twist and his superhuman luck. Art by LiteracySuks1

Plot Twist is a hero from the Superhero team Aegis and has assisted the Heroes Unite initiative. He appears in the title Acrobat by LiteracySuks1.


Plot twist was born with superhuman luck. His life lacked for challenge so he joined the army. He was quickly discharged from the military, apparently due to his cavalier attitude (and the fact that his luck didn't extend to those poor souls around him). When The Bee extended an offer to join Aegis, Plot Twist eagerly accepted.

Plot Twist has an archenemy, Plot Hole who recovers whenever he is killed. This makes him a great enemy for the exceedingly violent Plot Twist.


Plot Twist has superhuman luck. He is also armed with a pistol with which he is an exceptionally good (or lucky) shot.


Plot Twist as depicted by Monkey Mafia in Heroes Unite

Despite his more violent and seemingly selfish personality, Plot Twist has proven that in the end, as chaotic as he is, he is in fact a hero


Acrobat - The Origin of a Plot Twist


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