Phenomenon and Prodigy attack Energize

Phenomenon (top left) and Prodigy (centre) assaulting Energize (right). Art by Nepath.

Phenomenon was a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative and later the The Heroes Unite team attempting to clean up New Rossco city in the aftermath of Energize: Hunted.


Phenomenon was one of the members of Heroes Unite during the period of Energize: Hunted. He and Prodigy encountered Energize during pursuit of the villain Photon.

Energize captured Photon, and a stunned Phenomenon and Prodigy attempted to take Energize into custody. Energize easily defeated them by draining their energy and sending them into comas.

Phenomenon became a member of The New Guard and assisted in the cleanup of New Rossco City. During this rebuild, he encountered the villain calling himself Hell. Despite his best attempts to fight Hell and buy his team more time, Hell was too strong and killed Phenomenon in mere moments.
Phenomenon's death at the hands of Hell

Phenomenon's murder at the hands of the villain Hell. Art by Nepath.


Phenomenon wielded light-based powers, including flight and the ability to project lasers.



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