Even his name is dangerous by legacyherocomics-d33vyqb

Peligroso. Art by LegacyHero.

Peligroso is a 24 year old demon possessed hero from the HUniverse. He appeared in Heroes Alliance issue 3 along side the Impractical Mr. Imp. His super strength, invulnerability, and biker attitude makes him a good heavy for any team.


Johnny Goethe was just another biker, living wild and free with his Adopted father "Dante" and his girlfriend "Gloom", and all the other bikers in the "Los Muertos" gang. Life was just nothing more than the open road and the various bare knuckle brawls. but one night something happened, a strange white light filled the sky and the gang itself began to change, they began turning into monsters....that is until a man in white with a plague doctor mask appeared and started killing everyone, including Dante and Gloom, Johnny tried to stop him, but he was no match for him and was mortally wounded, as he felt death coming closer, he fell into a deep abyss, where he encountered a being known as Wraith, Wraith made a deal with him: Release him from this prison and he would unlock Johnny's hidden power and he could have his vengence upon the man in white, Johnny agreed and became the Devil Powered Biker from Hell... Peligroso


Peligroso is armed (quite literally) with super strength and invulnerability. On top of this, he has been known to use his motorcycle, Hecate, to fight. He has the ability to create fire from his hands that allow him to burn through demons and other supernatural creatures. though by using that power, it slowly drains his life force and will cause him to become anemic and weak...until he "eats" a damned demon soul.

  • Image Created by Dynasty Warriors 8 Empire Character Editor. Alternative Design.


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