Oscuro heromachine reference art


Oscuro's actual origins are muddled in mystery, mostly because he's the type of guy to not talk about anything and would most likely lie to you anyway about any sort of past of the sort. His body is make of shadows and he will actually suck up any kind of electrical energy to feed his body.The suit  is a special suit that allows him to have a somewhat humanoid shape, without it, he would envelop a room in pitch black darkness.


He is a professional in whatever thing he does, he does it with calculated coldness and precise thinking and strategy, if he can avoid violence he will, but he won't hesitate to take hostages or hurt someone if need be.


He can fire some shadowy like smoke from his hands which can allow him to hide from his enemies. He can use up the energy from a room to power himself up. In his shadowy smoke form, he cannot be hurt by fists or weapons (except for light based weaponry).


He is very adverse to sunlight or ultra-violet light. It will actually burn his body and if he doesn't escape it, it might kill him.


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