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The Origin of Ms Ari. Art by Fukujinzuke. Uploaded with permission of the artist.

Ms Ari is a villain.


Ms Ari (Arista Gondelwynn) was a fashion designer, owner and creator of the "Ms Ari" brand. Her relentless pursuit of the anorexic trend through diet pills resulted in the death of one of her models and the hospitalisation of the rest.

Her fashion label went under, leaving her unbalanced. She became even more fanatical in her pursuit of perfection, using potent drugs and even Nanotechnology to rebuild people to fit her ideal.

At some point Ms Ari launched a spa, "Spa Ari" and invited many celebrities to attend as part of her plan to extend her "beautification program".

She came to the attention of the Heroes Alliance after three recent attendees of Ari Spa committed mass murder. Brad Stone (Relik) and Romy Lu (Bleeder) took advantage of their status as celebrities to infiltrate the spa, accompanied by a disguised Titan (body-painted in flesh tone), Vora and Bombshell as their "entourage".

The Heroes Alliance team discovered that Ari had been genetically and nanotechnologically enhancing visitors to the spa and mind-controlling them with control collars. The heroes defeated her mind-controlled minions and took Ms Ari into custody.

She was immediately after freed from captivity by Handsome and Ransom on behalf of Samuel Weaver who offered her a position "basically self-employed with limitless resources and equipment" with an as-yet unrevealed boss.


None, but she has a wide variety of genetic and nanotech technology at her disposal, as well as a brilliant (if warped) mind. Nanotech bullets capable of dissolving clothing and non-flesh technology are one of her favourites.


Heroes Alliance #4

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