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Militia is a mercenary character created and drawn by SUX.


Robert Jackson used to be a typical southern gentleman, raised by one of the richest families that survived the Civil War; he was told to love his heritage and to love his country. Even at an early age he loved to hunt and shoot guns.

Robert graduated West Point with a high average, and drafted himself in the army when Vietnam was going on. During the middle of the war he was contacted by scientist who wanted to experiment on him with a drug that would have made him a super soldier, the experiment was a slight sucess. It did make him super strong; nor super fast or invulnerable; but it did enchance his eye sight, making him able to hit a target from 1000 miles away with just a pistol; and it gave him quick reflexes with any gun.

He was recruited after the war to work as an American mercenary for the Government and later for R.I.S.E..


Lightning fast reflexes with guns, enhanced eyesight, slight super strength (can lift a few hundred pounds more than a regular bodybulder.)


He has a thick drawl and never fights a lady; even if she is a villain.


Heroes Alliance #9: RISE

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