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What's a HUniverse?Edit

The Huniverse is the name given to a setting shared by a number of Superhero webcomics on The Duck Webcomics  giving the feeling of a common universe shared by all.  The first webcomic to unite these comics into a shared universe was Heroes Unite or HU, hence: HUniverse. :) The HUniverse is the work of multiple artists and writers from different countries, backgrounds, and walks of life, each bringing something unique and working together to create something amazing. 

So don't just stand there! READ THE COMICS! or better yet! Join the HUniverse by writing in the forums! If you have a hero or villain then welcome to the team, or even if you just like drawing superheroes and want to help out, we welcome you with open arms! Remember that most issues covered by Heroes Unite and Heroes Alliance are available free on the web, and in print for very low prices. Links available at the Heroes Alliance comic page.

Why HUniverse Wikia?Edit

HUniverse Wikia isn't just a source of info written by fans. It's a source of info written by the writers as well! As such there are tidbits of information all through this site which you can get nowhere else! If you like a character in the HUniverse and would like to know more about them, or even if you're just curious about the places or things in the HUniverse then this is the place for you...!




Note: For submitted heroes who have yet to appear in a HUniverse title, see Category:Yet-to-appear Hero.


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Note: For submitted villains who have yet to appear in a HUniverse title, see Category:Yet-to-appear Villain.

Other CharactersEdit

Note: For submitted 'other' characters who have yet to appear in a HUniverse title, see Category: Yet-to-appear Other.

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