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Macattack's representation of himself showing his efforts to show his patriotism to Canada

Macattack, or Macattack Productions, or Malcolm Tolman is the creator of Wireless in the HUniverse. The 21 year old business student has done a number of projects throughout his life. He has written three novels (the most recent of which he has just published) he has two main comics (Surviving Older Schools/SOS and Wireless) and works on multiple other ones in his spare time. Macattack is traceable in many locations across the web as he posts his artwork at both Deviant Art and The Duck , has a Youtube channel for video game walkthroughs, a Twitter account for updates, runs a monthly contest for Heroes Alliance called Monthly Mayhem , and is the creator and main admin of the HUniverse Wikia. He is currently finished his business degree and looking for work as a supervisor role in the technology or video game industry.

Though Macattack's art style changes fairly rapidly he still prefers being simply a writer for scripts. His first script will be released at an unknown date called Crossed Wires.