Kuroneko Heromachine reference art


The Orotochi clan were once the most infamous ninja clan from Osaka, they were the best of the best, but the most infamous of them was the Kuroneko, the "Black Cat". The Kuroneko was one of the most elite ninja of the clan and they were all female, they were untouchable against rival clans and even guards, the Kuroneko's were thieves, assassins, and even bodyguards.

Julie Samson is the next in line for the Kuroneko bloodline, though she had never been trained in the arts of Kunoichi, she was able to catch on quickly, and became the newest generation of the clan.


Ninja speed, agility, expertise is swordmanship and kitty shaped smoke grenades and even neo ninja-stars.


Julie is actually half Japanese American and Half British, and a bit of an anime fan, but once she dons the Kuroneko attire, her personality, changes into that of a calm and calculated ninja.