Kain the White Shadow by fukujinzuke

Kain as depicted by Fukujinzuke

Kaine the Whiteshadow or Kwong "Kaine" Bai Yin (chinese':' 邝 白 荫) is a monster hunter appearing in the Heroes Alliance chapters "Heroes Divided" and "RISE". He was created and designed by KainKnine. He is accompanied by an imp named Lilith who posesses his sword.


Kwong "Kaine" Bai Yin was a professional martial artist. His life took a sudden turn when he won a tournament run by evil wizards. The Wizards then proceeded to capture Kwong Bai Yin and; strapping him to an altar cast powerful spells on him until at last he turned into a rare and mighty weretiger. With new powers, Kwong escaped the Wizards and taking a demon posessed sword (a previous experiment of the wizards) took on the career of a monster hunter under the name of Kaine.


Kaine is a professional martial artist. On top of that, he has been transformed into a humanoid weretiger form. His magical enhancements have given him super speed and dexterity. He is armed with a magical sword possessed by an imp named Lilith.


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