Jupiter Citadel

A Heroes Unite team gliding in on silent approach towards Jupiter Citadel. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Jupiter Citadel was an alien-built flying fortress.


Jupiter Citadel first came to the attention of the Heroes Unite Intiative when it attempted to level Cairo under the impression that the city was located over exploitable resources it could use to enhance its capabilities.

A Heroes Unite team penetrated its defences and destroyed the defective alien-made micro-mite controlling it. Jupiter Citadel crashed to earth, destroyed outside the city of Cairo.

Jupiter Citadel's Defences

The Heroes Unite team fight past Jupiter Citadel's external defence systems. Art by Fukujinzuke.


Jupiter Citadel was armed with an extensive array of weaponry, ranging from anti-air external defences to miniature defences closer to the core.


Heroes Unite Adventures #4 : Operation Freefall