Shell, VIEW unit, Hightide and Soulbound

Hightide (top right) fights Soulbound (top centre). Art by Fukujinzuke.

The man who would later become known as Hightide was a three-time world surf champion. When it became known that he had the power to manipulate water, the championships were stripped from him and he was left in disgrace. (It remains unclear whether he was actually using his powers to cheat or not).

Hightide was a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative known mostly for his rash behaviour, and crush on the HU Commander. Originally drawn by Fukujinzuke as a foil to SHELL, Hightide eventually became friends with SHELL despite their differing personalities.

Tragedy hit however when Hightide sacrificed his life in order to save the HU Commander from a micro nuclear bomb in Heroes Unite Adventures #8.


Hightide is able to manipulate water allowing him to shoot waves, or fly using the moisture in the air to lift him up.