The first major occasion on which Earth's great heroes came together as a team was when Hellfire, Energize, Bombshell, Tazer and Acrobat united to defeat the attacking alien warrior Deuce.

Following this, the Heroes Unite Initiative was set up by the UN to coordinate the actions of Earth's heroes. This organisation was run by Natasha Lawler, the HU Commander. Of the original Heroes Unite Members, all but Acrobat returned to serve the new organisation.

Heroes Unite Initiative MembersEdit

Member First Appearance (HU)
Amalgam Heroes Unite Adventures #7

Heroes Unite: Salvation (future version)

Fearless: Crossover (current version)

Archangel Heroes Unite: Fury
Arsenal Energize: Hunted
Azumorph Heroes Unite: EGO
B.A.S.S. Energize: Hunted
Blitz Heroes Unite: EGO
The Blonde Marvel Heroes Unite: Fury
Blue Beacon Heroes Unite: EGO
Blue Jay Heroes Unite Adventures #2
Bombshell Heroes Unite
Comet Kid Heroes Unite: Cavalry
Dasien Heroes Unite: EGO
Defender Heroes Unite: Fury
Deuce Energize: Hunted (current version)
Energize Heroes Unite
Exocet Heroes Unite: Fury
Fearless Energize: Hunted (Temporary membership)
Fighter Heroes Unite Adventures #6
The Flea Heroes Unite: EGO
H-Bomb Energize: Hunted
Hellfire Heroes Unite
Hightide Heroes Unite Adventures #1
The Hitman Energize: Hunted (mention only)
The Impractical Mr Imp Heroes Unite: Fury
L.E.G.E.N.D. Heroes Unite: Fury
Milsy Energize: Hunted (mention only)
Nebulon Heroes Unite: EGO
Nemesis Energize: Hunted
New Form Energize: Hunted
Phenomenon Energize: Hunted
Plot Twist Heroes Unite: Cavalry
Prodigy Energize: Hunted
Proxy Heroes Unite: EGO
Psycho Heroes Unite: EGO
Quantum Heroes Unite: Fury
Radiation Heroes Unite Adventures #5
Relik Heroes Unite: EGO
SHELL Heroes Unite Adventures #1
The Sorceror Energize: Hunted
Tazer Heroes Unite
Tech Heroes Unite: EGO
Timesweep Heroes Unite: Salvation
Titan Heroes Unite: EGO
Vora Princess of the Skies Heroes Unite: EGO
Weaver SHELL #13