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Heroes Unite Adventures Cover. Art by Fukujinzuke. Uploaded with permission of the artist.

Heroes Unite Adventures #4 : Operation Freefall is an issue of Heroes Unite Adventures written and drawn by Fukujinzuke.


Written by: Fukujinzuke

Art by: Fukujinzuke





  1. The Heroes Unite Commander (Mission briefing/narration)


The Heroes Unite Initiative send in a small team consisting of Azumorph, Blue Jay, the Flea and SHELL to stop Jupiter Citadel - an alien-built flying fortress attempting to level Cairo under the impression that the city was located over exploitable resources it could use to enhance its capabilities. So as to avoid detection, the four glided in silently then engaged the citadel. Shell and Azumorph provided defence while the Flea and Blue Jay entered the access vent to the citadel's core.

Blue Jay carried the Flea in toward the core as far as he was able. The Flea then dismounted and went ahead on foot, ultimately destroying his target - a defective alien-made micro-mite controlling the citadel.

Jupiter Citadel crashed to earth outside the city of Cairo.

In Epilogue, Hightide asks the Commander back at base how the mission went, whilst concealing a red rose behind his back. The Commander replies "Perfectly".

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