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The cover of Heroes Unite Adventures #1: SHELL being viewed through the lens of a V.I.E.W. unit. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Heroes Unite Adventures #1 is an issue of Heroes Unite Adventures written and drawn by Fukujinzuke.


Written by: Fukuzinzuke

Art by: Fukujinzuke






Heroes Unite sent Hightide to Tokyo to apprehend the villain known as Soulbound. SHELL observed the combat seemingly impassively, despite the Heroes Unite Commander's requests via V.I.E.W. unit for him to aid in the battle.

Hightide defeated Soulbound, but his actions caused Soulbound's massive spiked weapons to fall earthward, risking the lives of innocent citizens. SHELL was able to repel the falling weapons and saved the crowd.

SHELL then manhandled Hightide, expressed how displeased he was at Hightide's cavalier attitude and disregard for bystanders and told him "Don't ever show your face here again. Or I'll remove you myself".

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Heroes Unite Adventures #1