Fury is a story arc in the Heroes Unite series.

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In the Heroes Unite: Fury story arc, Archangel made a misguided attempt to save a girl named Alicia from what he perceived as an attempt to abuse her and turn her into a weapon.

He abducted Alicia in an attempt to protect her and, when her genetic condition began to deteriorate, he abducted her father in an attempt to resolve the problem. It was then that Heroes Unite members Quantum, The Blonde Marvel and The Impractical Mr. Imp arrived to take Archangel into custody for these abductions.

Unfortunately, seeing her father threatened caused Alicia's monstrous form, Fury, to emerge. Quantum and Mr Imp attempted to contain her, while the Blonde Marvel attempted to capture Archangel. The Heroes Unite team found themselves overmatched.

Eventually Alicia's father was able to restore her to normal using the hypnotically encoded trigger phrase "The only love be God's love. The only wrath be God's wrath.".

Archangel was led away in handcuffs. The Heroes Unite Commander later admitted that the handcuffs were about sending a signal and she knew they'd have no hope of containing Archangel had he chosen not to accept them.

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