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Heroes Alliance Cover art showing original members published March 24 2010

Heroes Alliance is the successor to the Heroes Unite storyline. It follows the adventures of Heroes Alliance, an independent team of superheroes helping to save the world from different threats. It was first announced on July 21st 2009 and started almost a year later on March 28th 2010. It has continually updated since then, usually once or twice a week.


After the events of Heroes Unite: The Darkness Within, Bombshell exploited the HU Commander's paranoia to make her believe that there was a mole within the Heroes Unite Initiative. In reply to this suspicion, the Commander charged Bombshell with the task of starting a smaller initiative of trusted heroes who would have no formal ties to the UN, though Bombshell would still answer to her. Unbeknownst to Bombshell, the HU Commander also tasked Relik with surveying Bombshell's actions and reporting back to the Commander. Relik would later find out that Bombshell had fabricated the story about the mole; however, at that time, the HUI was already disbanded and the HU Commander relieved of her duty, so Relik has kept this knowledge to himself since then.

The first members of HA consisted of Bombshell, Comet Kid, Vora and Azumorph, who had also been members of the HUI. Though Relik and SHELL were also present during their first mission, their positions at that point still appear mainly tied to the Heroes Unite Initiative. The Alliance also has a tendency to run into the Swedish speedster Virtus, although he has preferred not joining the team. Later additions and/or team-ups include Bleeder, Blue Jay, The Impractical Mr Imp, Kaine the White Shadow, Peligroso, Roof Rat, Wireless, Amalgam and the Bujin.

Organization of the WebcomicEdit

The way the HA team is organized reflects the way the comic is produced: It's about individual creators coming together for the greater good: to achieve something they could not achieve on their own, and to combine their amazing storytelling powers! Just as HA is a team which is more open than HU, the creation process is open to all kinds of story and character submissions. Artwork on each chapter is provided by a team of artists.

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