Hellfire as drawn by Nepath

Dante, the hero known as Hellfire was one of the founding members of Heroes Unite.


When the alien villain Deuce attacked Earth, Dante was one of the five heroes who responded to the threat (the others were Acrobat , Bombshell , Energize and Tazer). Once Deuce was defeated, these five became the nucleus of the new Heroes Unite initiative, formed to defend Earth against threats too big for any one hero.

During the Heroes Unite: Darkness Within story arc, Dante temporarily fell under the influence of Darkness while he held the Heroes Unite Commander hostage. Darkness tasked him with retrieval of the Book of Creation to return Darkness to his full power. Dante fought and defeated the second Deuce, then both the book's celestial protector and the Heroes Unite team sent to investigate, consisting of Relik , L.E.G.E.N.D. and Defender. Dante used L.E.G.E.N.D.'s override code to turn the android against Defender while he engaged Relik. He defeated and was possibly about to kill Relik when Exocet arrived with Tazer in tow and freed him from Darkness's influence.

Dante and the rest of theHeroes Unite team confronted Darkness, who recover his full power but was ultimately still forced back into Hell by Exocet.


Dante has the ability to generate intense heat and bursts of flame from his hands. When he was under the influence of Darkness, Dante pushed his power to new levels, his entire body bursting into flame without injuring him.