Hangman heromachine reference art


Eddie Cappio was a gangster enforcer who worked from the Falconatti family, he was one of their toughest and most brutal enforcers, he was the kind of guy who took pleasure in killing. One of his favorite forms was hanging, and he would always leave the noose around his victims neck as a bit of a calling card.

However the Don of the family started to think that Eddie was going to try and take over, out of fear he had the rest of his goons go after him, first he was shot about 8 times, then strangled with his own nooses, then doused with flames and tossed into a muddy river in the hopes he would be so badly burned that no one would recognize him... He was summoned back from the dead by the notorious Voodoo Mafioso Marvell "Bone Daddy" Valires who uses him as his personal hitman and know seeks to wage war against the rest of the underworld to gain control.


Since he's a zombie he can take loads of damage and keep coming back for more, he is very strong and is versatile in various weapons such as blunt objects and even guns.

Weapons of choiceEdit

Tommy Gun, Baretta's, Nooses.


Cappio means Noose.