Okay, this has been going a while, probably time to throw down a couple of basic guidelines:


  • Wikilink links to other articles when they first appear.
  • Generally only link to other articles the once. Exception: If you're doing something like an issue/story arc page with a list of appearing cast where the list serves as an index, link both the list and the first appearance of the word in the text.
  • If you're writing a slab of text (say, more than 4-6 decent-sized sentences) consider breaking it up with sub-headings.
  • Similarly, if an article grows too long it can be worth breaking it up into multiple articles. (see HU Commander for one example of how this could be done).


Some rules of thumb:


  • Always the "Character" Category.
  • Usually the "Hero" or "Villain" Category
  • If the character is a member of a team put them in the "XXXX Member" category (for example "Heroes Unite Initiative Member") (on that, note the difference between founding members, characters who were members of the Initiative, and characters who are members of Tazer's post-initative "The Heroes Unite (Aftermath)"


  • Event, Artist, Creator, Writer, Story Arc, Location, Material etc.: Whenever a page falls into the category

Individual artists, Locations etc.Edit

Yeah, pretty much still working these out...

We're currently not tagging (for example) every Nepath character with a "Nepath" tag. That might be better handled as a list of characters by Nepath?

Similarly, not creating new tags for every city because that will just get unwieldy. I'm leaving SHELL tagged as "Tokyo" etc. until this is figured out though...

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