The position of the HU Commander is given to the individual who leads the UN-run superhero team called the Heroes Unite Initiative. In total there have been two official HU Commanders. There is also a third, unofficial one, following the dissolution of the Heroes Unite Initiative.

Heroes Unite: The BeginningEdit

The first major occasion on which Earth's great heroes came together as a team was when Hellfire, Energize,Bombshell, Tazer and Acrobat united to defeat the attacking alien warrior Deuce.

This was not a formal organisation and once the threat was defeated the heroes went their separate ways until the formation of the Heroes Unite Initiative. Bombshell took tactical command during the fight against Deuce and could arguably be considered the prototype HU Commander.

Major Natasha Lawler (The 1st Commander)Edit


HU Commander Natasha Lawler, as she appeared on HU: Fury and Heroes Alliance #3 (depicted by Abt_Nihil).

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Natasha Lawler was the first individual to be appointed by the UN as Commander of the Heroes Unite Initiative and was the Commander for most of the Initiative's existence.

She led the HU initiative with great skill until their mission against the shadow demon, Darkness. After trauma and exposure to dark mystical energy on this mission, her more aggressive and less rational personality began to come to the surface.

The HU Commander began a worldwide hunt for rogue HU member Energize and became increasingly obsessed, going to extreme lengths to capture him.

As a result of her increasingly ruthless behaviour and disregard for authority, Natasha was relieved of her position as the HU Commander by her father, Colonel Franklin Lawler.

Colonel Franklin Lawler (The 2nd Commander)Edit

HU Commander2 and B.A.S.S. and Arsenal

Col. Franklin Lawler as HU Commander flanked by B.A.S.S. (left) and Arsenal (Right). Art by Nepath.

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Colonel Franklin Lawler was in overall command of both the Heroes Unite Initiative and the Armoured Soldier Program.

When the Heroes Unite Commander, his daughter Natasha Lawler went renegade in the Energize: Hunted story arc, Franklin temporarily stepped into the role of Heroes Unite Commander himself.

Once the threat of Nemesis had been defeated, Colonel Lawler realised that The Heroes Unite Initiative had lost all credibility and disbanded the organisation.

Tazer (The Heroes Unite: Aftermath)Edit

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Tazer in charge of the The Heroes Unite: Aftermath team in a video call with Angelblood. Art by Nepath.

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On the 12/10/2011, Heroes Unite returned under the new title "The Heroes Unite". Following an ongoing series format, the new series has a regular writer/artist team of Spudsy and Nepath. The team features former Heroes Unite founding member Tazer acting as the Commander of the new, unofficial team that exists following the dissolution of the Heroes Unite Initiative.