HUB and Azumorph

HUB (left) and Azumorph. Art by Nepath.

Lucy 'HUB' Hubbard is a a wheelchair bound, double amputee millionaire hero with technopathic powers.  


HUB is a member of Oz Stars and was also a member of the Heroes Unite Inititative since its formation, operating in a support role.

When HU Commander, Natasha Lawler started going off the deep end in her pursuit of Energize, HUB resigned from Heroes Unite, taking fellow Oz Stars member Azumorph with her.


HUB is technopathic, possessing a superhuman ability to interact with and control machinery.


Heroes Alliance #6: Heroes Divided

SolarCell The BBW Hero

Art By CD Malcolm Edit

Publication Information

First Appearance Heroes Alliance #6: Heroes Divided
Owner AzuJOD
Created By AzuJOD

Character Information

Real Name Lucy
Given Name Hubbard
Hero Name HUB
Gender Female
Ethnicity Fill in This
Place of birth Fill in this
Age Fill In This
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Height Fill In This
Weight Class 120 lbs
Team affiliation Heroes Alliance


Energy Projection: 1

Intelligence: 4

Strength: 2

Agility: 2

Speed: 2

Durability: 2

Fighting Ability: 1

Mental Power: 6

Stamina: 2

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