Alicia is a young teenage girl. When she experiences emotional stress she is forcibly transformed into a large and powerful creature of demonic appearance.


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Fury (top-left and bottom left), Archangel (top right) and Alicia's father (bottom right). Art by Fukujinzuke.

Alicia was raised as one of a number of children by a couple in the country (it is unclear whether they were guardians or her genetic parents). Her father was attempting to cure her or at least help her control her monstrous state.

In the Heroes Unite: Fury story arc, Archangel made a misguided attempt to save her from what he perceived as an attempt to turn her into a weapon. He abducted Alicia in an attempt to protect her and, when her condition began to deteriorate, abducted her father in an attempt to resolve the problem. It was then that Heroes Unite arrived to take Archangel into custody.

Unfortunately, seeing her father threatened caused Alicia's monstrous form to emerge. Quantum, The Blonde Marvel and The Impractical Mr. Imp were unable to contain her despite their best efforts. Eventually her father was able to restore her to normal with the hypnotically encoded trigger phrase "The only love be God's love. The only wrath be God's wrath.".

It is unclear what exactly happened to Alicia afterwards, but she resurfaced a few months later as a member of R.I.S.E., together with Archangel. Due to their names being linked to the immense destruction they had caused during the "HU: Fury" storyline, Alicia's code-name was changed to "Alpha", while Archangel's was changed to "Omega".


Fury reverting to Alicia-by Fukujinzuke

Fury reverting to Alicia. Art by Fukujinzuke.

When upset, Alicia turns into a rampaging monster of demonic appearance. Once transformed she grows increasingly tough and strong the angrier she becomes. The upper limits (if any) of her power is unknown.

When she returns to normal, the demonic form "pops" around her like a giant bubble suggesting that, rather than an actual transformation, her monstrous body may be some sort of construct formed around her own body to protect it.