Fearless in his Current suit

Fearless is a vigilante character created and written by Nepath.


Fearless fights to free Falcon City from the gangs of vampires infesting it. Unfortunately, since the bodies of vampires revert to human when killed, he is pursued by the authorities and known as "The Fearless Killer".

He is assisted by his brother Paul, who is both a vampire and the engineer who developed the Fearless suit.

Fearless met Energize in Falcon City whilst Energize was on the run and under attack from Amped. The two got on well after an initial period of distrust. Despite his wanted status, Fearless was later brought in by Commander Frank Lawler of Heroes Unite to assist in the confrontation between the first Commander and Energize. He has not been seen since.

Titan refers to him as "Uncle Dillon". Whether he will literally be her uncle in the future or this is just a term of endearment remains to be seen.


Fearless in his original suit


The technology in his suit enables Fearless to teleport both himself and others. He has even shown the ability to teleport someone to a distant location and back again without himself moving. His suit projects energy blades. Their colour suggests they may use ultra-violet light to be especially effective against vampires.

He also heals superhumanly fast. It is unclear whether this ability is a natural ability or somehow granted by the suit.