Exocet. Art by Nepath.

Exocet is created by Spudsy


Evosian System of FourEdit

Exocet was born on the planet Evos II, one of the sister planets of four in the Evosian system. Like the other planets in the system it's inhabitants have evolved to develop great physical attributes. Exocet has immense super strength, flight and invulnarability and he in particular has an ability to absorb negative energy.

The people of this Evosian system age at approximately half the speed of humans and so his birth and early life on his home planet is around the time of the early 1900's on Earth.

He was born into the military on a planet that was in a constant state of war with the people of Evos III. Exocet, whose true name is unknown, joined the military at the age of 16 and over the course of his 8 years serving he achieved the highest earnable rank and was considered the greatest hero of his nation.

Unfortunately the war on this planet ended in tragedy and the detonation of a doomsday weapon destroyed the ecosystem of the planet. The few survivers were forced to seek asylum on Evos I and IV while the survivors from the invading Evos III limped home to the planet.

Exocet believed he had failed his people and decided to exile himself into deep space as his own personal punishment.


After 2 years of deep space travel, Exocet eventually arrived on Earth, a planet that reminded him so much of his own world but in a much more innocent time. On Earth it was the year 1957 and Exocet saw immediately that he would be able to make a difference and made his debut as a hero. He dedicated himself to the protection of others and was soon recognised as the one of most powerful heroes on the planet with his strength unmatched.


At one time a young hero named Tazer gained his attention and Exocet decided to take Tazer under his wing. Tazer became the legend's sidekick for almost 10 years before eventually going solo.

Heroes UniteEdit

Although busy on the other side of the planet at the time of the alien attack he was aware of the events and watched with a careful eye as the Heroes Unite Initiative was formed. This reminded him of the start of his world's own military factions and was apprehensive of such a powerful force being organised on this planet.

Eventually though, after the HU had proved itself on so many missions, Exocet joined their ranks and has served with them to the present day.

Energize: HuntedEdit

Exocet helped in formulating a plan to stop the HU Commander with Tazer to save Energize and fought alongside Energize and Tazer against Nemesis in the final battle.

Ongoing AdventuresEdit

Exocet has not appeared in a storyline since Energize: Hunted, but is still active

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