Energize: Stormfront was an upcoming story arc in Energize.  It has currently been cancelled, with some of the Stormfront arc being covered in Energize: Hunted, and some being left to be potentially addressed in other future titles.


Stormfront and Titan

Stormfront (behind) and Titan (in front)

Stormfront is a villain who will scorch the Earth. Earth's greatest hero will die in conflict with Stormfront, and he will unite Earth's villains to hunt down and destroy its heroes.

Earth's last few remaining heroes executed a desperate plan to send Titan back in time to the present day in order to prevent Stormfront's rise.

In the Energize: Hunted story arc (currently ongoing) Nemesis and Energize are battling. Titan has indicated this is a pivotal event in the creation of the Stormfront future.