Deuce vs Hellfire

The original Deuce looming over Hellfire

The first villain ever faced by the team that would become Heroes Unite, Deuce was a massive alien warrior, sent to sample the powers of Earth's greatest heroes.

First Version Edit

Deuce was sent to earth by the Soulless in order to collect the powers of Earth heroes. They intended to create a super-powered army to conquer Earth in the same manner they had defeated many other worlds. Deuce met Earth's defenders, Energize, Hellfire, Acrobat, Bombshell and Tazer, and armed with Energize and Hellfire's powers effortlessly fought them all to a standstill. He was ultimately only defeated when he was manouvered into absorbing powers from (non-powered) Acrobat. Once Deuce was robbed of his additional powers, the heroes handily defeated him. The creators of this version of Deuce, The Soulless, have not been seen since.

Second Version Edit

A second Deuce was created by Chegwin Technologies in conjunction with the Heroes Unite Initiative. This second Deuce was influnced into a rampage by Darkness and apparently destroyed by Hellfire.

Third Version Edit

This led to the successful creation of a third version of Deuce that worked for Heroes Unite during Energize: Hunted. This new version had a mind of it's own (unlike the two previous mindless versions) but was quickly defeated by Energize after the latter had learned the news of Misty's death. Deuce was later seen in the final battle between Nemesis and Energize, still working alongside The Commander to fight the Heroes Alliance. He later reveals in his report on the mission that he was fighting on the wrong side of the battle and blames himself for some of the events that happened.

This guilt led him to go into recluse from the rest of the world until Arsenal contacted him to offer him a place on The New Guard. Deuce accepted this offer and has become a member of the team.


Deuce attempting to apprehend Energize-Art by Nepath

Deuce (#3) attempting to arrest Energize while the HU Commander looks on. Art by Nepath.

The original Deuce is superhumanly strong and tough in his own right. In addition, he wore technological gloves that granted him the ability to copy the powers of any hero he can touch. However, each gauntlet could only steal the powers of a single opponent, limiting Deuce to using a maximum of two opponents' powers. He also had the ability to teleport (and fly, but this was after stealing Energize's powers).

The current Deuce is even stronger than the original, but does not posess the original Deuce's mimic technology, nor the ability to teleport or fly.