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Exocet and the Original Power Patriot battle the Darkness.

Darkness is a demon in the HUniverse.


Darkness was a originally a foe of the golden age heroes Exocet and Power Patriot, who managed to defeat him.

Darkness was encountered by the Heroes Unite Initiative during the Darkness Within storyline. He infiltrated the Chegwin Technologies lab, freeing and influencing a clone of the alien warrior Deuce that scientists had been developing there.

When the HU Commander and Hellfire went to investigate, Darkness captured the HU Commander and used this leverage and his powers to manipulate Hellfire into retrieving a book which could return him to his former, more powerful, state.

Hellfire recovered the book and confronted the Darkness with the aid of a Heroes Unite team (including his old foe Exocet). Darkness was able to use the book to recover his full power, draining the HU Commander almost completely of her life force in the process.

In the end, Exocet was able to overcome Darkness and throw him back into the Hell dimension from whence he came.

The Commander apparently recovered but Darkness's effects had not passed. Unbeknownst to the Heroes Unite Initiative, Darkness had poisoned the Commander's mind. This made her more fearful and paranoid, leading to many drastic events, including the eventual dissolution of the Heroes Unite Initiative.

Trapped once more in hell, Darkness set about trying to overthrow Cathaluss, the Angelblood ruler of Hell. He is currently questing to obtain the Mask of Torment (also known as the Crown of Hades) and has drafted Saroth into his Shadow Legion, after Saroth found himself sent to Hell by Energize.


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Darkness and his Shadow Legion confronting Cathaluss and his Celestial Army in Hell. Art by Nepath.

Darkness has the power to enhance the dark qualities of whatever he nears whether it be anger, greed, or paranoia. He also has the ability to manipulate shadows, enabling them to take physical form and even forming a devastatingly powerful army of creatures - the Shadow Legion - from the shadows.

He is also superhumanly strong and resilient, apparently even more powerful than Exocet.