The Ecotist and Vora confront Crime Warp

Crime Warp (front right) being confronted by the Ecotist and Vora. Art by Josh Holley.

Crime Warp (Joe Warren) is a supercriminal with teleporting powers.


Crime Warp first came to Heroes Alliance's attention when he began using his powers to steal National Monuments, teleporting them around the globe, demanding $200,000 and a headstart as ransom. The Heroes Alliance were underwhelmed by Crime Warp's lack of ambition but set out to stop his crime spree and undo the damage he had caused.

Heroes Alliance quickly identified the location of Crime Warp's base (due to him registering his address with Public Access Television when he used it to make his extortion demands) where they defeated his flunkies, the Delegation of Hurt and with the aid of their new companion, the Ecotist, tracked Crime Warp down and confronted him. As Crime Warp teleported away, Comet Kid quipped "Bet you wish you'd stayed at your warehouse, don't you?".

Crime Warp rematerialised at the warehouse and Bombshell managed to get a tracer on him. Armed with the tracer, the heroes attempted to catch him but were still unable to keep up.

Bombshell then realised that Crime Warp became subconsciously suggestible to locations as he began to teleport. She used this to cause him to teleport to Italy into one of The Ancient's power-nullifying cells. Crime Warp then let Bombshell in on who had put him up to his crimes


Crime Warp possesses a mystical artefact that grants him powerful teleportation abilities. He is able to teleport himself anywhere globally, and can teleport even large masses (such as one of the carved heads of Mt Rushmore) around the globe.


Heroes Alliance #5

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