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Comet Kid as drawn by Fukujinzuke

Comet Kid is a character created by Hero.


Alejandro Prescott "Scott" Martinez was born on the space station Pioneer. His birth was premature, brought on by the impact of a comet, attracted to the station's experimental cosmic-energy-fueled power system. Exposure to these energies endowed him with amazing powers.

Now 15 years old, Comet Kid protects his hometown of Redrock Canyon, Arizona with his friends, The Young Guard - the upcoming generation of superheroes, including Blitz and Tech. He has also assisted the Heroes Unite initiative on a number of missions.


Comet Kid can fly, generate protective forcefields, and has the ability to create blue constructs of hard light in basically any form he can imagine. His energy constructs function as the real thing - for example, he can create hard light bombs that explode despite their cartoonish appearance.


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