Cerebelle heromachine reference art


Cerebelle was originally Sarah Wheeler, a very gifted young child with psychic abilities, her parents feared and hated this strange power she had and she was locked up in a small room for days at a time, telling her to never use her powers...that she was a "freak", an "abnormal" person, so for most of her life; she never used her powers, this turned her into a loner who found solace in angry punk music and attire...

One day when she was attacked by a group of punks looking to hassle her as she walked from school, she used her powers and caused one of her attackers heads to explode, causing the other two to run off in terror, she realized that she was better than everyone else, that she didn't have to take it anymore. She ran away from home and joined a Meta-Human supremacist group, and now preachers terror and Supremacy over regular humans.


Psychic, she can move objects with her mind and toss them at her enemies, she can warp peoples minds and can hear inside their heads to know when they are going to attack.


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