Captain maple by macattackproductions-d4yemvq

Captain Maple. Art by Macattack.

Captain Maple was a Golden Age (World War II) superhero created by Macattack.


No one knows where he came from, but Captain Maple was one of Canada's proudest moments. He swept in from no where helping civilians escape war carnage and helping our troops keep a fighting chance. He fought for equality, grace, and the Canadian way!

One day when asked how he felt about being a hero he reportedly shook his head. Pointing to a van of injured soldiers he replied "Those are the heroes... I'm just proud to be able to help them!"

Sadly it wasn't to last. February 15, 1942 reports came in from Germany that the advanced luftwafe had shot him down. Though his body was never recovered, a monument was set up in Ottawa to commemorate the young hero and on February 15, 1965 a new Canadian flag was created with a symbol which resembled the patriotic blasts and shield Captain Maple would create.


Super Strength, Invulnerability, Under mach 1 flight speed, ability to create hard light constructs in shape of modern day Canadian maple leaf to use as shields or blasts

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