Bleeder by MasterChiefsWoman

Bleeder. Art by LustyJin (MasterChiefsWoman).

Bleeder is (to quote Bombshell) "a mystic gauntlet attached to a Chinese hottie. Or the other way around, whatever you'd prefer." She is a hero and a member of the Heroes Alliance.

Bleeder was created and designed by Victoria Kim, who has profiles on drunkduck and deviantArt.


Romy Lu (Bleeder) is a German woman of Chinese ethnicity and an international radio personality.

She has had a curse inflicted on her and is bound to a mystical gauntlet. Part of her curse is that she is pursued by a demon.

Bleeder is currently a member of the Heroes Alliance.


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Bleeder dispatches a demon. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Bleeder's only actual power is the infinite flow of energy that's inside the gauntlet she wears, which allows her to form it into whatever shape she feels.

She also has the ability to see mystical entities, such as Peligroso's demon, Wraith, as well as a depth of mystic knowledge.


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