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Azumorph as depicted by Mr Hades for Heroes Unite October 7 2008

Azumorph or James Aaronson is an Australian super hero created by Aaron Lee aka AzuJOD. He is a shapeshifter with characteristics similar to DC Universe's Clayface who gained his powers by a dying alien blob who fused to James as a dying effort. Azumorph First appeared in Heroes Unite #3 EGO and is currently part of the Heroes Alliance. He is often depicted as a quiet and methodical hero much in contrast to the Alliance's other shapeshifter The Impractical Mr. Imp.


James Aaronson first gained his powers when he was young during a warm Australian summer. His four page origin story featured in Heroes Alliance tells of how he left his house to investigate a strange blue light outside only to discover a small canister holding a dying alien blob. The alien then latched onto James' skin changing his skin blue and giving him the power to stretch and change shape. He started his early hero career under the name Chango Presto where he worked as a reckless more comical hero. When a shooting at his own school resulted in the deaths of several students James made a decision that it was time to take things more seriously.

Retiring his old Chango Presto costume, James began intensive training by studying the heroes who came before him. Eventually his extensive internet searches caught the attention of a wheelchair bound, double amputee millionaire Lucy Hubbard AKA HUB. Lucy was a technopath who had been contacted by the HU Commander to locate heroes for the Heroes Unite Initiative. James signed up and took on a new costume and the name of Azumorph.


Azumorph is a shapeshifter who, unlike the Impractical Mr Imp. tends to use his clay-like consistency to mould or stretch certain parts of his body as opposed to simply turning into anything. He cannot change color or change into anything too complex, such as anything with wheels.

Azumorph also has super strength and durability, which are relative to his shape and size. For example he can become giant sized which would allow him to pick cars as if they were toys. Finally, Azumorph also posesses a healing factor. He has the ability to regrow limbs if they are detached, or reattach limbs if he can find them.


  • HUB (Lucy Hubbard)- In many ways Azumorph's contact person
  • Oz Stars - Australia's premier super hero team. Along with HUB, members include Brightlight, KMH, Marker, Syd, Valeria and Deep Man.
  • Australia- Azumorph's home
  • JOD - Australian villain Azumorph overthrew


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